Single Parents Living in Poverty...

In the state of New Jersey out of all families who cannot afford basic necessities, 58% are single parent households. 73% of households led by single mothers live in poverty and 53% of households led by single fathers live in povertyEven though the majority of these single parents work full time or more, they cannot afford basic necessities, yet are just over income caps to qualify for any assistance. 


Single Parents Living in Poverty...

Under our current substance use disorder treatment system, only 1 out of 10 people will seek treatment. That is, only 10% of people will seek treatment. It will take them on average 10 years to seek treatment. Only 1 out of those 10 will recover. That is, only 1% recovery. That means under our current system we have a 1% success rate and a 99% failure rate treating those who suffer from substance use disorder. 

Crystal L. Fedeli

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Did you know that according to the United Way's ALICE Project in the state of New Jersey out of all families who are unable to afford basic necessities, 58 percent are households led by single parents. To note, 47 percent of these households are led by single mothers and 11 percent single fathers. The majority of these single parents work full time or more, are unable to afford basic necessities, yet do not qualify for assistance. Basic necessities include daycare, housing, food, transportation, health insurance, technology such as a cell phone, and taxes. This is an impossible situation, a nightmare many families are suffering. 

I, the founder of A Way is Made, experienced this impossible nightmare when I was a single mother. I was unable to afford basic necessities for the first year and 8 months of my first daughter's life until I met my now husband. When she was just 2 months of age we were homeless, food insecure, we did not have reliable transportation, and more. I was not able to get my child's father into a court room for a child support hearing until she was 1 year of age. The attorney charged me a $1,500 retainer for me to only be awarded $69 a week. Although we were receiving benefits at the time, it was not enough to afford all of our basic necessities. Even when I acquired full time employment I was still unable to afford all of our basic necessities including daycare. Despite all of that, we did not qualify for any assistance. As I mentioned, although I was able to meet my eventual husband and be rescued from this impossible nightmare, I never forgot about all of the single parent-led families who are still suffering a similar plight. So, I created A Way is Made to advocate and aid these single parent-led families. 

But I need your help. There are many things I must do to begin this organization. If you are touched by our vision and this story, we would be so grateful if you would donate money, time and expertise, or purchase our services to help us make this effort a reality. A percentage of all proceeds goes toward aiding single parents. 

Please feel free to browse the rest of this website to learn more about our vision for how A Way is Made will help single parents who are in need. Thank you for your consideration!

Warm Regards,

Crystal L. Fedeli

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